Vision & Mission

  • AKA Vision

    Preservation and growth of Kajukembo Self Defense System, one of the greatest self defense systems in the world. Guardianship of the legacy of Sijo Emperado, Great Grand Master Richard Peralta and Alii Nahoolewa (the AKA founder).

  • AKA Mission

    Develop world class Kajukembo practitioners and schools based on the original teachings of Sijo Emperado; create and maintain a unified organization of loyal, dedicated members. Work within our respective communities as positive role models of integrity, values, and moral principles.

The American Kajukembo Association (AKA)

(AKA) was founded Oct 1999 by Alii Don K. Nahoolewa upon written authorization from Sijo Adriano D. Emperado creator of the Emperado Kajukenbo Self Defense System. This provides AKA a direct line to Sijo Emperado through Great Grand Master Aleju Reyes.

AKA is a non profit organization dedicated to the preservation and growth of the Kajukembo Self Defense System developed and passed down from Sijo Emperado.

AKA is accepted and recognized by the Senior Grand Masters of the Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute (KSDI) and the Black Belt Society (BBS).

AKA provides direct support to member instructors and brings them together in the spirit of “Ohana” (Hawaiian for Family), and is an umbrella organization for the promotion and unity of all members and member schools.

The official home of the American Kajukembo Association is Abilene, TX. Check out the many features, facts, history, and events on AKA’s WEB page.

The American Kajukembo Association – an association moving up!

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